Our Company

We are Business Insurance Specialists who write just about any business in and surrounding the 5 boroughs of New York.

What you should know about us

Throughout the years, we have worked hard to build relationships with top-notch insurance companies in order to provide our customers invaluable rates and service.  We have secured low cost solutions to cover your business needs.

Our specialists are equipped with the knowledge, means, and ability to write just about any coverage to suit your business’ needs and protect it’s financial stability.

“After 30 years in this industry, our primary goal is still to exceed our customers expectations by providing exceptional value, service, and coverage for your business.”

John Witkowski, General Insurance

Our Mission

Mystic Brokerage delivers quality, innovation, and financial protection to their customers. At Mystic Brokerage, we exceed our customers expectations.


Our Core qualities ensure Customer Satisfaction

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Industry Knowledge
  • Data Quality
  • Secured Server Files


Navigate through our website with ease.

  • Instant quote options
  • Easily processed payment options
  • Effortless claims access

  • Immediate proof of insurance


We are an independent agency with invaluable customer service standards.

  • Work closely with insurance companies
  • Ability to write just about any insurance

  • Access to various discounts and promotions


We work with you to provide coverage that will protect your business

  • Invaluable Customer Service is available 24/7

  • Outstanding records of customer service

  • Staffed with experienced and professional Specialists